Success stories

Everten Supplies picking

Everten Supplies

Storeganizer helps Everten Supplies, an online kitchenware retailer, to store 15% more fast-moving SKU’s on the same footprint. It avoids long walking distances and Everten was able to bring down number of full-time operators in that zone from 3 to 1.

Storeganizer CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics

Storeganizer solution improves picking KPI’s and enables 100% picking accuracy at CEVA Logistics Daventry

Storeganizer racks full

Comline Auto Parts

Faced with a considerable product range extension, Comline Auto Parts Ltd. needed to find space in a warehouse already operating at full capacity. Comline identified Storeganizer as the perfect solution to free up space by reducing the storage space required for small, slow-moving, low-volume SKUs.

Storeganizer in IDL warehouse in Paris

ID Logistics

Faced with a customer’s request to store an additional product line at ID Logistics’ Paris location, which was already 99% occupied, the R&D department looked for the best solution to accommodate the extra stock.

Rittal Corporation

Rittal’s material service warehouse in Urbana, Ohio (US) faced expensive off-site storage or costly new construction to organize and stock small parts until it discovered Storeganizer. Outstanding space, pick-time and related cost savings result, along with a cleaner, more methodical layout that’s won high praise from top corporate management.