5 Reasons why you should visit us at LogiMAT

Reason 1: We are part of returnable packaging specialist conTeyor. conTeyor has more than 30 years of experience in designing unique, re-usable textile packaging systems for automotive and commercial transport that eliminates single-use bubble wrap, cardboard or plastic packing. Both conTeyor solutions as Storeganizer warehouse storage solution racks will be present at LogiMAT.

Reason 2: Storeganizer is a unique storage system. We are convinced you will never meet another storage system in the whole of LogiMAT that is as unique as ours. With Storeganizer we ingeniously optimize storage costs per square meter through columns of easy-to-reach, square industrial fabric pockets hung vertically. Across all customer types, a Storeganizer solution offers (on average): 40% more space, 42% reduction in travelling time and 26% improvement in order picking efficiency.

Reason 3. We have an excellent team present. Our Sales Managers for Germany and Europe will both be present at LogiMAT and together they have at least 40 years of experience in warehousing and logistics. They know Storeganizer better than anyone and they can talk with you about all the logistic, warehousing and supply chain trends worldwide.

Reason 4. We have a great Partner Program in place. We help our customers meet their needs by working with business partners worldwide. Our goal is to support our customers with the best products and solutions they need, just like our business partners. We are always on the look out for new business partners, so if you are interested in our Storeganizer Partner Program come meet us at LogiMAT!

Reason 5. You will meet our Storeganizer which is a straight forward warehouse storage system that maximizes the ROI of your rack space. There is a wide range of options to fit your inventory needs: It’s not limited to pre-set standards; it’s up to 4 rows deep; it’s scalable and maintenance free. The system has a universal suspension system, which fits in any pallet rack and has an easy installation. Definitely impressive to see that our system is the best in the market. Discover for yourself!

Discover for yourself! Do we meet you there? 🖐️