Storeganizer storage systems help you save space, increase productivity and lower your costs. 

By optimising the space utilisation of your pallet racks in width, depth and height, Storeganizer lets you store your products more compactly in your warehouse. Storeganizer offers you more pick locations per m³! It is the alternative for, for example: mezzanines, shuttle systems, shelving in pallet rack, …

Storeganizer makes maximum use of your existing environment in terms of layout, racks (old or new), existing software, etc. That means that the bulk of your investment has already been made. Any slot configuration is possible. Together we create a solution that brings you the highest added value, and that takes into account the products to be stored.
The Storeganizer system consists of wheeled slots. The slots are suspended from a modular rack, which is supported by your existing pallet racks.​ Depending on your requirements, the wheeled slots can be suspended up to three rows deep. This allows the full width, depth and height of your pallet racks to be utilised. This is called 3D storage. By rolling the front rows (to the left or right) the rear pick locations can easily be reached. By using all three dimensions – height, width, and depth – small items/fast-movers can be stored in pallet racks among the larger items/fast-movers. Moreover, the limited thickness of the slots allows more pick locations or bins to be created. In other words, free and/or lost spaces which were previously required for the order picking process, are now utilised more efficiently and/or reduced to a minimum thanks to Storeganizer.
Yes, each storage environment is unique and demands for specific tools. Our made-to-order solutions are uniquely suited to creating extra storage space fast and putting it to use right away. This is done by making more efficient use of existing storage racks, shortening order picking routes, improving ergonomics, and reducing the risk of errors. Together we carefully analyze all your needs, so that the Storeganizer systems can be installed and integrated into your existing environment as quickly as possible.
Storeganizer allows for dust-free storage of your goods. This not only improves hygiene but also boosts quality.
Storeganizers are designed to the specific needs of the goods to be stored and in consultation with the customer. Storeganizers are tailored to suit your specific operational needs and in principle any conceivable configuration is possible, the only limits being section width, depth and height. Carrying capacity: up to 100 kg per unit. (= 1 Storeganizer)
Storeganizer allows you to determine the prime location for your products. The great diversity and quantity of available slots even allows for Warehouse Management System-based order picking, such as ‘First-In, First-Out’.
Goods are stored in easily rollable pockets. This not only ensures efficient storage, but also that the goods are within hand's reach at all times. Excessive bending down and reaching up during the order picking process will be a thing of the past. Storeganizer reduces the physical strain on order pickers. This augments the number of finished order picking lines per operator and reduces errors during the picking process. Storeganizer creates a more ergonomic work environment and prevents sick leave due to back problems.
The use of Storeganizer will not just improve the use of storage space; it will also optimise the order picking process. By streamlining this time-consuming and labour-intensive process you will earn back your modest investment in no time.
Depending on the type of products to be stored, you can choose between dynamic (wheeled) or fixed Storeganizers. It is even possible to combine both types. Every item can be assigned its own slot (or pocket). All slots are therefore directly accessible. The various slots are not stacked on top of each other.
Full pallets, heavy and/or large items are not suited for use with the Storeganizer system Carrying capacity of Storeganizer: up to 100 kg per unit.
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