Storeganizer - Thailand expansion

เปิดตัวในประเทศไทย – Thailand here we are

Tellus Systems, the official Storeganizer partner in Thailand, has realised their first project in the Bangkok area. The client is one of the leading third party logistics providers in Thailand.

The Storeganizer will replace the existing short span shelving system in place to gain an increase of over 40% storage capacity within the same space. This makes it possible to consolidate many more products from other areas into one location. By choosing Storeganizer the customer will be able to substantially reduce the storage footprint and increase the picking efficiency.

A second follow up order has now been received from the same company. 

About Tellus Systems

Since 2001, Tellus Systems has provided innovative and unique storage and handling solutions that allow its customers to work more efficiently and economically.

From design, sale and installation, through to after sales service. Tellus represents a number of world-leading producers of industrial storage equipment, like Storeganizer, covering sales in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Tellus showcasing Storeganizer on a customer event
Tellus showcasing Storeganizer on a Thai customer event