Storeganizer helps healthcare warehouse to become more lean

Storeganizer is helping healthcare warehouse to become more lean

Rastec, Storeganizers partner in Finland, hits their first order to equip the Finish warehouse of an international medical supplies company with Storeganizers space saving solution.

These days healthcare warehouses are running critical operations to deliver in full and just-in-time. Having a smart warehouse layout and design is key to become lean and keep efficiency high.

After successful implementations in the Dutch and Swedish warehouse of a medical supplies company, Storeganizer is delighted to help the Finnish warehouse of this company too.
By condensing SKUs on the available space the warehouse will be used in the most efficient way and therefore shorter travel times could be achieved.

This project is led by Rastec, Storeganizer’s official partner in Finland and is foreseen to go-live in April 2020.

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About Rastec

Rastec, headquarted in Lathi (Finland) is an expert in warehouse- industrial- and shop furniture and equipment. With over 20.000 articles they deliver efficient storage solutions from design to install.