UK order

Proven scalability through new UK order

In January 2022 a new UK based order fulfillment company – driven by the mini ecommerce boom caused by Covid – tried 3 bays medium size Storeganizer. After having tried different systems they discovered Storeganizer and because these were the first orders, our Business Partner Pickfaces installed the first test bay for them. The company itself installed the last 2 bays. A few months later, these Storeganizers appeared to be so easy to use and such a success that now they ordered another 32 bays Storeganizer in all sizes (XS, S, M and L).

The test had shown the simplicity of the installation of the product and its great functionality for their small products. The fact that we now received this second order is another clear proof of Storeganizer’s excellent scalability.

About Pickfaces
Pickfaces is a UK based innovative, warehouse and industrial solutions partner, working together with warehouses and project teams to deliver products and efficient technical solutions that deliver returns for businesses striving for excellence and efficiency. Their main focus is on Storeganizer and this year they even hired a dedicated Business Manager to explain the Storeganizer business in the UK market.