Pickfaces at IntralogisteX

Storeganizer’s Success at IntralogisteX

Pickfaces, Storeganizer’s London-based UK Sales partner, had a triumphant presence at the recent IntralogisteX event in Birmingham, where they showcased the innovative Storeganizer solution.

The event, held on March 19th & 20th, provided a platform for Pickfaces to demonstrate how Storeganizer’s high-density storage solution can optimize warehouse efficiency, and the response was nothing short of remarkable.  

As visitors flocked to the Pickfaces booth, they were captivated by the practical and ingenious design of Storeganizer’s storage solution. The Pickfaces team provided live demonstrations, showcasing how Storeganizer can revolutionize a warehouse organization, maximize space utilization, and streamline order picking processes. Attendees were impressed with the efficiency gains and cost savings that Storeganizer’s solution can offer, and eagerly engaged with the Pickfaces team to learn more. 

If you want to know  how Storeganizer’s high-density storage solution can optimize your warehouse operations, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@storeganizer.com, visit our website or get in touch with Pickfaces directly!