Storeganizer launches Picking Hive

Storeganizer recently launched a new product: the Picking Hive, your end-to-end closed loop solution. The Picking Hive is developed as a solution to messy backrooms, ad hoc need for extra storage, goods that get damaged and limited available space.

It has a pallet size footprint​, it’s robust & durable​, has a full supply chain fit and eases fast picking. The Picking Hive is ideal for BOPAC/BOPIS​ and as in-store display​. With the Picking Hive it’s possibility to create a closed loop between for example the warehouse and retail store. Potential use of the Picking Hive is large. It can be used in retail stores as well as in distribution centers /warehouses, at construction sites and pick-up locations. Take a look at our product video.

Contact one of our Storeganizer colleagues for more information.