Storeganizer Expands its Footprint in The Netherlands

Storeganizer proudly announces the successful completion of a bespoke installation for a prominent online B2B purchase platform based in The Netherlands. This exciting development marks another milestone in Storeganizer’s commitment to providing flexible and scalable storage solutions for its valued customers.

The online B2B purchase platform, known for offering an extensive range of over 70 top brands, sought a tailored solution for its diverse range of products, including car accessories, lighting, and gardening tools. Storeganizer’s team of experts collaborated closely with the platform’s logistics team to design and install a system that seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure. The result was a bespoke installation that maximized storage space while ensuring quick and easy access to a diverse range of products.

What sets this project apart is the long-standing partnership between Storeganizer and the online B2B platform. Over the years, the platform has consistently expanded its storage capabilities by adding new bays. With the recent installation, the total number of Storeganizer bays has now exceeded 100. This significant milestone not only showcases the platform’s commitment to efficient storage but also emphasizes Storeganizer’s remarkable scalability.

Storeganizer remains dedicated to empowering businesses with flexible, space-saving storage solutions tailored to their unique needs. This latest project in The Netherlands reinforces Storeganizer’s reputation as the go-to choice for companies seeking innovative and scalable storage solutions.

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