Storeganizer enters the AMR market with Pick360

Storeganizer enters the AMR market with the launch of a new product in their portfolio: the Pick360. Storeganizer’s product is a game changer within the product range of AMR storage density enablers. To enter this potentially 30 billion USD market in 2026 is an enormous opportunity and with the Pick360 Storeganizer has the potential to succeed.

While most storage density solutions today are made of plastic or carton, the Pick360 uses fabric. The fabric used is Tiger ++, which allows an optimum trade-off between investment, weight and loading force. It’s a lightweight material with a loading capacity of up to 63,5 kg (138.89 pounds) per column while durable, easy to handle and a short installation time.

The Pick360 can be provided and integrated in welded or modular racks with the possibility of a full rack or textile inserts only. The solution can be used with different AMRs and is brand independent. We are able to combine different sizes in one rack as we can design to our clients’ needs. The Pick360 has a self-supporting stability and can be used to pick from all sides. It allows an easy consolidation of orders in the AMR picking process. Overall, it adapts to changing business needs and further financial optimization.

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