Order new customer in Scotland

We have received an order from a new customer in Scotland through our business partner Axis Solutions for 100 bays, medium size for book storage. Storeganizer has successful track records on book storage for clients as CB Logistics, ID Logistics, Distrimedia and Hachette Livre Group.

Together with Axis, we managed to arrange this order – through digital meetings – within only 3 weeks while delivering out of stock within 4 weeks. Storeganizers high storage density solution was compared to shelving in a mezzanine. As a result Storeganizer had a better ROI and added value compared to the other solution.

About Axis Solutions
Axis specialises in the interior fit-out of both industrial storage facilities and office interiors. From design to delivery, we work closely with our customers to create outstanding workplaces that contribute to success and business growth. https://www.axis-solutions.co.uk/