test bay installation

New Storeganizer installation in Belgium!

In collaboration with our esteemed business partner, Vanas Engineering, Storeganizer has successfully completed the installation of a pilot test bay for a Belgium-based company that specializes in outgoing goods for sanitary spare parts.

The initial test bay includes a diverse range of pocket sizes in medium (M) and large (L), providing the company with flexible and efficient storage options for various sanitary spare parts. With the availability of different pocket sizes, the client can effectively organize their inventory, ensuring easy access and retrieval of items as needed. This customization feature allows for a tailored storage solution that perfectly aligns with the specific requirements of the company.

By enhancing storage efficiency, reducing picking time, and improving inventory control, Storeganizer’s solution will significantly contribute to the overall productivity and customer satisfaction of the company.

About Vanas Engineering: Vanas Engineering is a Belgian-based company specializing in storage systems since 1989. They are experts in designing, integrating, and maintaining logistic solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. With a team of 50 employees, their mission is to optimize the storage and movement of goods in warehouses. To learn more, please visit www.vanasengineering.be.