New project for EV spare parts client in US

This week we received a first order of one of the biggest EV producers in the world, based in California, USA. The order focuses on storage of spare parts. Prior to this order Storeganizer performed an extensive analysis of the client’s operations and SKU items stored by using the Slot3D software.

This allowed us to determine which types of equipment would best fit their SKU profile for their distribution center. This resulted in a thorough management report which was provided to the customer. Based on this analysis we were able to secure the order of a substantial number of racks which is going to be installed in a first distribution centre of the client.

In the next few months other warehouses facilities of the EV manufacturer will also start implementing Storeganizer to further increase their space efficiency and boost picking productivity.

If you would like to know more about this project or if you are interested in a Slot3D analysis of your warehouse, please contact Eric Somheil

A case study from CEVA Logistics on spare parts can be found here.