Storeganizer - How to design your warehouse in 7 steps


How to design your warehouse: The ultimate guide to the ideal layout

How to plan the perfect warehouse design? It seems like a quite simple thing, but in practice it is much more complicated. Make sure you have an excellent preparation as it ensures the best results. Read Storeganizer’ s warehouse design tips and create the ideal layout. Step 2. Choose the right location

Finding the right location is important for a warehouse. Especially if it will be part of a storage and distribution network. Maybe you better consider extending an existing warehouse instead of building a new one. But if you do, make sure the new warehouse is located at the right spot.

To find the best location for your new warehouse, think about the total capacity available in the network. Why? The cost of transportation, which is charged to the customer, will be affected by it. And as a company you want to give your customers the best service at the lowest price. As a result of that a bad location could make the difference between a moderate or high revenue. Especially in times where customers tend to order online.

Accessibility to roads and highways and local density must be considered. Mainly if the transportation takes place by road. Focus on these points:

o Average traffic speed
o Traffic volume
o Peak hours
o Road safety and conditions
o …

To run a warehouse you also need gatehouses for deliveries and collections. Therefore you better ensure the yard supports the warehouse to avoid congestion outside. A large parking area is one the main requirements. So make sure you understand the capacity of the yard as you don’t want bottlenecks to have an impact on warehouse productivity.

Proximity to producers, suppliers and customers is also important. Off course you want to keep the supply chain as efficient as possible by selecting the warehouse location strategically. Even weather conditions (f.e. risk of exposure to natural disasters) could play a role in your choice.

Consider your warehouse’s proximity to carriers as they will streamline the process of shipping. But also close proximity to your customers will matter. The key is to find a good balance between those two parties to realize a cost-effective process.

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