MarketKnowledge and Fuzzy LogX help Storeganizer conquer Australia

New partnership secures first Australian customer and dealership for Storeganizer, with more to follow.

Merelbeke, 25th of April 2017 – Storeganizer, an innovative new compact storage concept, announces that MarketKnowledge Australia, a company specialising in end-of-line packaging automation solutions, and Fuzzy LogX, a consulting agency specialising in warehouse optimisation and automation, have joined together to bring Storeganizer to the Australian market.

The new partners will sell the Storeganizer solution directly to customers, as well as developing a dealer network. They have already secured a first direct customer (one of the world’s largest sportswear companies), and a first dealer (racking distributor Warehouse by Design). Dick Heintz, director at MarketKnowledge Australia and Bas Schilders, director at Fuzzy LogX, believe that Storeganizer, which offers a very affordable, flexible solution to save storage space and costs, has an enormous potential in the Australian logistics market, and possibly in the broader Australasian region.

Bas Schilders and Dick Heintz agree that Storeganizer perfectly suits the needs in the Australian market. Land prices in Australia, as well as personnel expenses, continue to increase, affecting storage costs. Options to increase storage density have so far proved insufficient: it is possible to increase the number of locations with binning or longspan shelving, but the gain is minimal, while an automated carousel or mini load system requires many times the investment required for a Storeganizer solution.

Demonstration bays have been sent over to showcase the Storeganizer advantages to potential customers and these already managed to convince one of the world’s largest sportswear companies to fit out their warehouse in Sydney with a Storeganizer solution. The demonstration bays have been placed with two of the world’s leading 3PL companies, who are in the process of showcasing the Storeganizer solution to existing and prospective clients.

The Australian market is geographically large, but economically quite isolated, which poses particular challenges. “That is why we decided on a very straightforward approach, covering the market as broadly as possible”, says Dick Heintz. “In order to maintain a competitive price and a high level of service, we will handle the larger, customised projects ourselves. In addition, we aim to set up a distribution network with two to three dealerships per city who will cover smaller, local customers.”

The first dealership, set up with Warehouse by Design, a Colby racking distributor, is off to a flying start and expects its first delivery of Storeganizer bays in the next few months. Once the shipment arrives, a broad marketing campaign will be launched to create awareness and announce availability of the product. The immediate focus will be on expanding this dealer network within Australia. By the end of 2017, Bas Schilders and Dick Heintz expect to have about three additional dealers, at least one should provide national coverage. Depending on the success, further expansion can be considered, to New Zealand and possibly the Pacific Islands.

To make sure that customers can quickly obtain a Storeganizer solution, local stock will be built, based on six different pocket sizes, which can be finetuned further by using boxes or totes. Custom solutions can be provided based on a thorough analysis of customers’ needs, leading to a customer-specific Storeganizer installation.

Bas Schilders and Dick Heintz agree: “Storeganizer has done everything in its power to make this partnership work. The collaboration has been very professional. We received swift feedback and very flexible support. Especially in the set-up stage, Storeganizer’s Business Unit Manager, Fréderique Debecker, went the extra mile more than once to make sure we had all the answers and materials available to correspond to the very short turnaround time expected by Australian companies. The fact that Storeganizer is a proven product in other markets is very helpful as well.”

“We already had our eye on the Australian market, but setting up a local branch at such a distance, without thorough knowledge of the market, was risky. This offer was perfectly timed. We are looking forward to supporting MarketKnowledge Australia and Fuzzy LogX in putting Storeganizer on the map down under”, says Fréderique Debecker, Storeganizer’s Business Unit Manager.


Dick Heintz -Bas Schilders-Storeganizer Australia

Dick Heintz (left) & Bas Schilders (right)

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