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Lean Warehousing Market Challenges

The old way of supply chain, logistics and storage simply won’t work in today’s modern world. On the inventory side, companies are deploying lean warehousing strategies and high-density storage solutions to enhance efficiencies, offer just-in-time delivery and ensure orders can be shipped out quickly.
Contract logistics providers and warehouse owners are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and streamline processes to further maximize efficiency. These are some of the trends currently shaping the warehousing market:

  • shift to e-commerce means warehouses have to manage more small products, and more SKUs with lower inbound and outbound frequency.
  • increasing costs and competitiveness mean warehouses must further optimize the space used per customer and/or product, and also fit more products into existing space to optimize resource utilization.
  • customers expect quicker responses, faster deliveries, and accurate and complete order fulfillment, which puts even more pressure on fulfilment providers.

Help your customers meet their lean warehousing needs … Partner with Storeganizer

As a supplier or integrator of warehouse storage solutions, your goal is to support your customers with the best products and services they need, when they need them – without long delays or incomplete orders. By joining Storeganizer as a Partner, and adding Storeganizer to your product portfolio, you can help meet your customers’ needs even more effectively. You can also take advantage of cross-selling opportunities with your customers, maximizing your sales without increasing your sales efforts.

For your customers that are third-party logistics service providers (3PL), Storeganizer can help them to:

  • store a greater capacity of small items on a lower warehouse footprint more cost-effectively
  • service more customers using the same space and human resources

For your customers that are warehouse owners, Storeganizer can help them to:

  • optimize use of rack space via lean warehousing
  • decrease total cost of ownership for the warehouse

Across all customer types, a Storeganizer solution offers (on average):

  • 40% more space
  • 42% reduction in travelling time
  • 26% improvement in order picking efficiency

Storeganizer also complements with other, traditional solutions such as racks, so you can truly offer a total set of integrated solutions to your customers. Businesses of any type or size and from any industry can benefit from more efficient warehouse storage, which is a big advantage in keeping pace with customer expectations for agile logistics and supply chain solutions.

Some sectors in particular have experienced even greater benefits from installing Storeganizer, Such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion
  • Consumer goods
  • Third-party logistics

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Storeganizer is an innovative high-density storage system for use in warehouses. Populating one bay in a rack, a Storeganizer stores small items (less than 24 inches / 600 mm in width or height, and weighing less than 34 pounds / 15 kg) in columns of suspended, easy-to-access pockets made of flexible and durable textile. Storeganizer helps to optimize space; requires minimal investment as it uses existing pallet racking; and enables quicker picking with less bending or lifting. This slim-fit storage solution is ideal for small items, like spare parts and consumer electronics, to name a few examples.

Partner Program

Our goal is to provide you with all the support you need to successfully sell the Storeganizer solution.

Storeganizer's circle of success

As a Partner, we provide you with: lead generation support; sales presentations, content for websites and social media, digital brochures,; participation in the Partner locator on the Storeganizer website; in-depth training; partner best-practice webinars; and much more.

We’d be glad to tell you more about Storeganizer and the Storeganizer Partner Program. To learn how you can add Storeganizer to your product portfolio, and start enjoying all the benefits of the Storeganizer Partner Program, please call our sales team at +32 9 272 69 30 or send us your questions at