Picking Hive

Storeganizer launches Picking Hive

Storeganizer recently launched a new product: the Picking Hive, your end-to-end closed loop solution. The Picking Hive is developed as a solution to messy backrooms, ad hoc need for extra storage, goods that get damaged and limited available space.

Storeganizer - New project DHL in Finland

New project for DHL SC in Finland

Through our Finnish business partner Rastec we received a new order from DHL Supply Chain. After successful projects for DHL in Belgium, Sweden, Germany and UK, this going to be the first integration of Storeganizer in a Finnish DC of DHL Supply Chain.

ruimtewinst Melano

Melano behaalt 93% ruimtewinst

MelanO, een Nederlandse sieradenmerk, had een uitdaging voor Storeganizer. Plaats zoveel mogelijk SKU’s op een zo klein mogelijke oppervlakte.