Order in The Netherlands

Hagisto, our partner in the Netherlands landed a Storeganizer follow up project for one of its customers in the area who is one of the global leaders in scientific instruments distribution.


New order UK partner

Our UK partner NENE recently ordered a Storeganizer expansion project for one of the leading 3PL companies in their UK region.


New order in Belgium

The Belgian logistic service provider H.Essers ordered a new Storeganizer project of approximately 3,000 pockets to create extra pick locations in one of their warehouses in Belgium, near the HQ in Genk.


Order new customer in Scotland

We have received an order from a new customer in Scotland through our business partner Axis Solutions for 100 bays, medium size for book storage. Storeganizer has successful track records on book storage for clients as CB Logistics, ID Logistics, Distrimedia and Hachette Livre Group.


What are the logistic trends for China?

2020 was a remarkable year, even for the Asia Pacific logistics market. Pandemic-induced supply chain disruption has led many companies to review and strengthen resilience by diversifying production and sourcing.

Australian cities stand out as the best-served in the region by modern logistics stock, while Japanese markets appear to be the most underserved. Mainland China remains one of the world’s largest consumption markets and key player in the global supply chain. Manufacturing capacity in China is therefore likely to increase further to serve domestic demand. Singapore is also one of the best-served Asian logistics markets due its small modern clusters of new and large supermarkets.

In this series of blogs we look at the current and future trends for the APAC market in Singapore, Japan, China and Korea. We already did Korea, let’s continue with China


New order in the Netherlands

This week we received an order for 19 bays of Storeganizer medium standard from DSV Solutions in the Netherlands. Due to the nature of the products stored in our Storeganizer solution, the space saving and the picking efficiency increase the ROI projected was only a few months.

About DSV Solutions
DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. They have offices in more than 90 countries and an international network of partners and agents. www.nl.dsv.com

Re-order in Sweden

Our business partner Bula this week assured a re-order of 8 bays from Mediq in Sweden, size medium. Mediq has been using the Storeganizer storage system in warehouses in the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland.


New order in France

Recently we received a new order for Kuehne & Nagel in France through our business partner Metalog. They ordered 13 Storeganizer bay in various sizes to maximize the cube utilization in the picking area.

About Metalog
Metalog has been a Storeganizer business partner for the French market since many years and they are one of the market leaders in supplying equipment for logistics & warehousing in France and Europe. www.metalog.fr

New project Malaysia

We received a new order through our business partner Tellus Limited Systems in Thailand for one of the world most famous semi-conductor manufacturers. Currently there is a big demand for semi-conductors.


Storeganizer enters the AMR market with Pick360

Storeganizer enters the AMR market with the launch of a new product in their portfolio: the Pick360. Storeganizer’s product is a game changer within the product range of AMR storage density enablers. To enter this potentially 30 billion USD market in 2026 is an enormous opportunity and with the Pick360 Storeganizer has the potential to succeed.