DSV Solutions

DSV, located in Tholen, the Netherlands, chose to integrate Storeganizer in their multi-clientwarehouse for storage & picking of small electronic components. Which results in an ROI of less than 6 months

Everten Supplies

Storeganizer helps Everten Supplies, an online kitchenware retailer, to store 15% more fast-moving SKU’s on the same footprint. It avoids long walking distances and Everten was able to bring down number of full-time operators in that zone from 3 to 1.

Storeganizer CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics

Storeganizer solution improves picking KPI’s and enables 100% picking accuracy at CEVA Logistics Daventry


Comline Auto Parts

Faced with a considerable product range extension, Comline Auto Parts Ltd. needed to find space in a warehouse already operating at full capacity. Comline identified Storeganizer as the perfect solution to free up space by reducing the storage space required for small, slow-moving, low-volume SKUs.

Storeganizer at H.Essers


With Storeganizer, H.Essers found the perfect solution for organising and stacking their warehoused goods. By making storage more compact, Storeganizer frees up space and this space is then also used more efficiently.

Storeganizer in IDL warehouse in Paris

ID Logistics

Faced with a customer’s request to store an additional product line at ID Logistics’ Paris location, which was already 99% occupied, the R&D department looked for the best solution to accommodate the extra stock.

Rittal Corporation

Rittal’s material service warehouse in Urbana, Ohio (US) faced expensive off-site storage or costly new construction to organize and stock small parts until it discovered Storeganizer. Outstanding space, pick-time and related cost savings result, along with a cleaner, more methodical layout that’s won high praise from top corporate management.

Storeganizer with Vandenhaak

Van den Haak TransMission

How do you exploit empty, unused space above shelves? That’s what Van den Haak TransMission sought to address at its warehouse. Five sections of sliding Storeganizer columns applied to pallet racks throughout the facility were the perfect answer.