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Storeganizer joins IntraLogisteX 2018!

IntraLogisteX is the UK’s largest intralogistics event for warehouse and logistics managers in 2018. It provides intelligent leads on products, materials, trends and technology across the warehousing industry and market, and features the leading brands across Western Europe.

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Looking back at 2017 We can state that 2017 has been a year to remember. Order intake grew with 120%, number of customers doubled, we were present at two big shows, LogiMat & Promat and welcomed 10 new ordering partners.

What lessons warehouses could learn from airline companies

In recent years, the role of warehousing in a well-designed supply chain strategy became more important. Key indicators to measure the impact of the warehouse strategy are: execution time of orders, minimizing the number of out of stocks and operating as efficiently as possible. Commercial airline companies are also familiar with these KPI’s.

Why having slow-moving items in your warehouse could be a commercial success?

In an e-commerce environment, warehouses are taking up more and more slow-moving items as part of their general sales strategy to raise revenues. For some retailers, it’s the main source of their revenues and profits. Amazon was one of the first companies that saw the potential of keeping slow moving items in stock.

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Where do you start to get Lean?

Lean warehousing principles can help you to visualise your warehouse as a pivot point where inventory, receiving and shipping dock management, pick & pack services and storing and safekeeping of a wide variety of goods actively supports customer and employee satisfaction.

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How do you get Lean?

There are several different concepts that foster the Lean idea of maximising customer value while minimising waste that may help you to streamline your warehouse operations. In general, a combination of several different tools is required to achieve a truly successful Lean approach. Also, people involvement is key, since Lean won’t work if it’s just […]

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To lean or not to lean on lean warehousing

Typically, the warehouse is a nexus of conflicting demands and requirements in the supply chain and logistics industry. That’s why this stage is often a stumbling block in the just-in-time (JIT) supply chain. As such, your warehouse is an excellent starting point to implement Lean principles