Storeganizer - Hagisto

Record speed order in Germany

This week we booked a new order with a new customer – a smaller fulfillment 3PL company in the Trier area, Germany – at a record speed; in only 4 days. The customer went from noticing our Storeganizer storage solution at another plant to searching for our solution online, a visit the next day and an order the same evening. The company – specialized in order picking and distribution for different kind of online platforms and dealers – ordered 26 standard bays size medium. With Storeganizer’s solution their objective is to gain more effectiveness out of their activities.

Growing e-commerce
The Trier region is traditionally a mining and wine area. E-commerce is a growing business and fulfillment companies are launching their business more and more in this region. Storeganizer is an excellent storage solution for the e-commerce sector because of the flexibility in pocket sizes, the return on investment, the space saving, the decrease in travel time and the increase in picking productivity.