Led the light shine

Can lighting infrastructure contribute to better ergonomics in your warehouse? More than you might think. A smart LED (light-emitting diode) lighting solution can provide you with the right amount of light, exactly at the right location, at the right time.

Benefits of updating your lighting system

TriLED is a young Belgian company that specialises in smart lighting solutions for industrial applications, focusing on the production and logistics industries. These solutions are suitable for installation into new buildings, as well as updating existing lighting systems (relighting). Even if an update isn’t an immediate priority, it can be worthwhile to revise your lighting systems. Smart lighting offers considerable added value: it helps you save on costs and energy, and also improves the ergonomics of the working conditions at your facility.

More precise and efficient

A smart LED solution offers a lot more efficiency when it comes to directing the right amount of light on a precise location, in the right direction. Whereas the light of gas-discharge or fluorescent lamps is directed by means of reflecting light fixtures, creating a general light diffusion, a TriLED lighting system uses a lens system to concentrate the light on the picking racks, rather than on the floor of the picking aisles. As the light is directed diagonally, as opposed to vertically, it won’t blind employees looking up. And LED lighting is no longer limited to an uninviting bright white – it’s rapidly evolving, and every shade of warmly-coloured light is now available.

Light that ‘follows’ you

Smart control, featuring motion detection as well as light sensors, helps to obtain the perfect amount of light directly on the desired location, and only when necessary. The option to implement several different profiles allows for maximum flexibility: in exceptional situations, such as occasional or regular inventory counts, the light levels can be temporarily adapted to create ideal circumstances. In addition, every armature can be individually controlled or in selected groups: for example when walking through an aisle, the light can ‘follow’ you.

Perfect match with Storeganizer

A smart LED lighting installation is also very flexible. Light level profiles that are configured at the time of installation are not permanent; these can easily be adjusted on demand by the facility manager. As the solution is based on a wireless connection, sensors or armatures can easily be added or removed, according to any changes in requirements or organisation. This flexibility makes TriLED the perfect match for a Storeganizer solution. In a warehouse with a classic lighting set-up, illumination of the back rows of a Storeganizer solution is often insufficient. That is why TriLED  developed a sensor-based LED solution that can be integrated in the Storeganizer units, further enhancing the ergonomic qualities of Storeganizer.


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