Impressive new UK order

One of the world’s foremost companies in the maintenance of military aerospace based in the UK recently ordered 13 bays Storeganizer for the storage of jet engine parts.

Our Business Partner Pickfaces was invited by the Solution Design Team of a global 3PL company to work with the team on a comprehensive analysis to define the most efficient storage solution for their newly designed top security facility. Our Business Partner was honored to work together with the 3PL’s Solution Designers on behalf of the end client to devise the perfect warehouse solution.

Once the analysis was finished Pickfaces was able to deliver 13 bays Storeganizer in four different sizes from Large to Extra Small. When the boxes arrived with the client Pickfaces set a date to install the Storeganizer, but the company was curious and opened the boxes. By the time the installation was supposed to commence, they managed to install the bays themselves in a couple of afternoons. Time and cost efficient until the end!

About Pickfaces
Pickfaces is an innovative, warehouse and industrial solutions partner in the UK, working together with warehouses and project teams to deliver efficient technical solutions and products that deliver returns for businesses striving for excellence and efficiency. Pickfaces was launched in 2020 by the same team who in 2011 began successfully launching innovative new warehouse and supply chain concepts, into the global industrial and logistics industries.