Storeganizer - How to stay safe at work

How to stay safe @ work during (and after) Covid-19?

Covid-19 and the result of social distancing is impacting operations. What can you do to protect your people and still continue work safely ?

Respecting social distancing and still be efficient at work is a question that needs to be answered by many managers in today and in the next few weeks an months. Protective counter measures need to be taken in order guarantee safety and the continuation of work

Respect social distancing in your warehouse operations

Storeganizer could help to still hit daily pick and cut-off targets and respect recommendations of social distancing.

With Storeganizer you can store more SKUs on the available warehouse footprint allowing operators to travel less, and pick more lines per hour. The total workload could be spread over less needed persons in a certain area, which allows less operators on a certain footprint

At Ingram Micro they were able to increase number of pick lines per person from 75 to 90 lines per hour, leading to an efficiency increase of 26%

Wear personal protective equipment

As Storeganizer and conTeyor we are doing our part and started to produce safety visors and protective face masks in order to help workers and visitors to stay safe during operations.

If you would like to have more info about the facial visors and/or face masks, please contact us.

Minimum Order Quantity Facial Visors:
5.000 pieces

Minimum Order Quantity Protective Face Masks:
20.000 pieces