What is the ROI of Storeganizer

How to calculate the ROI of Storeganizer?

Demonstrating return on investment (ROI) isn’t always as simple as adding up figures in a spreadsheet – Sometimes proving ROI of warehouse equipment for logistic professionals may feel more like a puzzle to be solved. Join our webinar where we will go over the ROI calculation of Storeganizer.

Measuring the impact of your Storeganizer boils down to two things:
1. a decrease in cost
2. an increase in bottom line.

Join us in our webinar “Proving the ROI of Storeganizer” on August 20th as we will discusses and show and how organizations can successfully measure its ROI of their Storeganizer investment.

In this webinar will go over the main benefits Storeganizer brings and how to quantify these.
This webinar explores the impact of Storeganizer on several key financial metrics including:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Pay-back term

We encourage you to join this webinar if?

  • You are looking to improve your warehouse operations to use the available space in a better way and increase picking efficiencies.
  • You are curious how other companies benefited from implementing Storeganizer.


Date: August 27th 2020
Time: 4 PM-5 PM CEST / 9 AM- 10AM CST

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