Storeganizer - Creating space and pick efficiency

Creating space and pick efficiencies within an confined area

Does your warehouse looks like picture above? When faced with additional storage requirements, moving warehouses is not always the only solution and avoiding it can save considerable money, time and business interruptions. Discover how Hurley Australasia tackled this.

Recently one of the long term clients of Absolute Storage in Australia, Hurley Australasia approached them to assist them in finding a solution to a common problem shared by many.
Having recently taken over a new agency that involved the national distribution of a globally recognised sportswear brand, their main issue was fitting the product in their already, well stocked facility while maintaining or improving pick efficiencies.

Smaller footprints leads to picking efficiency

Absolute Storage worked closely with Storganizer on their maiden installation and receiving positive feedback from that client in relation to their ROI, Absolute Storage was confident they could resolve Hurley Australasia’s dilemma by utilising the Storganizer solution to not only store products in the smallest of footprints but also assist with their picking efficiencies.

Using Schaefer I600 Selective Pallet Racking as the backbone, the Storganizer system connects to the beams using a universal hanging system that includes a collection of vertical pockets made out of industrial fabric that can store up to 100 kg per column. Offering a range of pocket sizes, the Storganizer system can be used for many different types of products or applications and are well suited for a slow to medium throughput.

One of the main benefits to this system is the high concentration of storage in a small footprint which in turn cuts down the amount of walking during the pick cycle.

After using Storeganizer


After using Storeganizer


Flexibility is the name of the game

After showcasing a recently completed installation to the Hurley management team, the next step was ascertaining the mixture of products, the sizing and the area of space available. With products ranging from boxes of shoes to general apparel, we used a mixture of pocket sizes that would offer flexibility not only for this brand, but for any other future requirements.

With the usual planning and scoping stages completed, we soon had a solution worked out that would equate to 73 bays of the Storganizer product. With a very quick approval process, the client realised they could achieve their desired solution (which ultimately meant they did not need to lease extra space) and a favourable “Return on Investment”.

Unlocking further growth

The 73 bays were a mixture of sizes ranging from XXXL to Medium. By utilising custom made cardboard inserts we achieved an impressive 4,710 unique locations.
The added benefit for this client is that future growth can be managed by inserting additional dividers, potentially doubling the locations that they have now without having to expand the footprint or requiring additional pockets. Although the height is restricted, we were able to ensure there was enough space above the Storganizer to install shelving for the replenishment stock.

Working on a tight time frame, careful planning between the local Storganizer team and Absolute Storage resulted in the Storganizer product landing 2 weeks prior to the influx of apparel and shoes. The end result was a happy client, a well laid out warehouse and what has become the single largest distributor installation of Storganizer in Australia.

Peter Moulder, Logistics Manager for Hurley Australasia stated: “being able to fully utilise the available space and gain pick efficiencies makes for us a great solution.”

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