Can you build a warehouse in 10 days

Can you build a warehouse in 10 days?

In China workers recently managed to build a hospital in 10 days to take care of Corona virus victims. An absolute record. But would it also be possible to build a complete storage site in 10 days? And how do you limit construction time to an absolute minimum? Which elements actually optimize the speed and efficiency?

As a matter of fact, there are four different determining factors. Let’s have a look.

1. Construction Method

If you opt for a concrete Tilt-up or pre-engineered metal construction, you will save a considerable amount of time. That also explains the rapid construction of the hospital in China. The speed of the construction has been made possible with pre-fabricated units.

An additional advantage of prefabrication is the lower price but also the longer lifespan. The Tilt-up method appears to be more cost-efficient for larger storage locations in particular.

2. Function

What type of storage location do you need? Usually it is a simple space for storage, but sometimes extra facilities are needed. To preserve food, a cooling installation or humidity control is essential. And that naturally results in extra working hours.

In short, the function or workflow largely determines the duration of the works. Because the simpler the storage location, the shorter the construction. Sounds logical and it is actually.

3. Country

The country in which the warehouse is being build also plays a role in the construction time. Every year figures of the average construction time of a storage location are kept and they differ from country to country. More specific? In some countries the construction takes 300 to 500 days, in other countries it is less than 100 days.

South Korea is the champion in building warehouses quickly with only 28 days. Singapore, The Marshall Islands, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates complete the top of fast building countries. Venezuela, Cyprus and Cambodia (652 days) are the worst students of the class. Check the full list

General trend: building times have been declining in the last 10 years, but the costs to build high tech warehouses have increased strongly. The property prices have risen and there’s a large demand for last-mile distribution centers.

4. Required space

The more storage space required, the larger the storage location and the longer the construction time. Unless you opt for smart solutions to make optimal use of the available space in height and depth. Storeganizer, for example, is a high density storage system which provides a smart fit for slow movers. An impartial study proved almost 38% savings in usable storage – for large warehouses even 90% – which is a great bonus.

Optimization of the storage space results in smaller warehouses and therefore also in shorter construction times.


So, can you build a warehouse in 10 days?
Yes and no. The answer depends on the circumstances and choices you make. Especially the fourth variable offers enormous possibilities and potential, also for existing warehouses.

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