Norman installation

Orders in the US

We’ve received multiple orders for our warehouse storage system over the past few months through one of our Business Partners in the Southwest region of the United States. Most of these orders were for new clients active in the health and science industry across the United States.

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

A global appliance manufacturer in the Southwest will be testing 3 bays of our standard sizes this month.  After a successful trial period, we’re hoping to help this manufacturer become more efficient with their parts storage.

Storeganizer on the move

Storeganizer on the move in first half year 2022!

With 2022 halfway, we enjoy looking back on Storeganizer’s successes so far. We are very happy with the opportunities to showcase our warehouse storage solution to the world. Storeganizer was present at several trade shows both in Europe and in the US.

Test bays in the Midwest

Test bays in the Midwest, US

A large heating and cooling supplier in the Midwest ordered their first 3 bays as a test case. They discovered Storeganizer via MODEX and our warehouse storage solution could be an add-on to the existing and more traditional storage systems.

Storeganizer - new order US

Re-order from Arizona, US

A prominent golf supplier in the Scottsdale, Arizona area has re-ordered 8 more bays for their warehouse. In the past few years they already ordered over 30 bays in different sizes which bring the total to 40 bays. The reason for the expansion is the increase in the number of goods and diversification.

5 Reasons why you should visit us at LogiMAT

Reason 1: We are part of returnable packaging specialist conTeyor. conTeyor has more than 30 years of experience in designing unique, re-usable textile packaging systems for automotive and commercial transport that eliminates single-use bubble wrap, cardboard or plastic packing. Both conTeyor solutions as Storeganizer warehouse storage solution racks will be present at LogiMAT.

New order Vanas

New order in Belgium

NEW ORDER – After a first Storeganizer integration as their preferred warehouse storage solution last year, Wever & Ducré has placed a new order trough our Belgian Partner Vanas Engineering resulting in 651 additional locations in a footprint smaller as 12m².

Norman installation

New order UK customer

One of Storeganizer’s long lasting customers, Norman Global Logistics with 3 sites in the UK, ordered another 3 bays Storeganizer last week for the storage of plumbing material, plastic fitting pipes and random industrial material.

Ceva Logistics chooses again Storeganizer’s warehouse storage solution

NEW PROJECT – Ceva Logistics in Poland recently agreed to install 3 bays Storeganizer in small, medium and large size. With a further planned roll-out these bays serve as a test for the client’s warehouse. 

thanex new business partner in Denmark

Storeganizer is conquering the Nordics!

After Sweden and Finland, Storeganizer is expanding its business further in Scandinavia. In Denmark we have established a partnership with Thanex, an industrial company which offers total advice on storage solutions for all kind of industries. Storeganizer – as one of the leading warehouse storage solutions – will have a unique position in their product […]