New order in the Netherlands

This week we received an order for 19 bays of Storeganizer medium standard from DSV Solutions in the Netherlands. Due to the nature of the products stored in our Storeganizer solution, the space saving and the picking efficiency increase the ROI projected was only a few months. About DSV SolutionsDSV is a global supplier of […]

Re-order in Sweden

Our business partner Bula this week assured a re-order of 8 bays from Mediq in Sweden, size medium. Mediq has been using the Storeganizer storage system in warehouses in the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland.

New order in France

Recently we received a new order for Kuehne & Nagel in France through our business partner Metalog. They ordered 13 Storeganizer bay in various sizes to maximize the cube utilization in the picking area. About MetalogMetalog has been a Storeganizer business partner for the French market since many years and they are one of the […]


Storeganizer ( is a business line of conTeyor, an international player in the development and supply of optimal & sustainable solutions in the material handling of their products. Storeganizer offers efficient warehousing solutions. Its innovative concept provides high-density storage systems. Storeganizer is active in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific and intends to develop […]

Storeganizer launches Picking Hive

Storeganizer recently launched a new product: the Picking Hive, your end-to-end closed loop solution. The Picking Hive is developed as a solution to messy backrooms, ad hoc need for extra storage, goods that get damaged and limited available space.