Protective visor covid 19

How we help to flatten the curve

The current COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread globally. Governments around the world are accelerating measures to limit the spread and we all are taking measurements accordingly.

We, as Storeganizer are part of conTeyor, take as company our social responsibility and started to manufacture facial protection masks in order to help (medical) workers and communities staying safe.

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Our facial visors

Face and forehead protection with adjustable headband. Lightweight for long term wear and comfort.

High quality used materials allow the visor to be extremely rigid and resistant, yet lightweight for extended use. The visor can be worn for many hours with no additional weight or strain placed on the head or back.  

Minimum Order Quantity:
5.000 pieces


  • Elastic frame provides comfort and ensures wide range of sight and enables full head movement
  • The frame is designed to fit over any existing eyewear
  • Reusable, easy to clean and desinfect foil shield ensures clear vision and long life time
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Material spec sheet available on request