• Storeganizer concept
    Minimal investment: unique pick location for each pocket
    Optimal use of all space: height, width and depth
    Ergonomic: quicker picking with less bending/lifting
  • Welcome to Storeganizer.

    Storing small items on shelves wastes space. Storeganizer packs them more densely

    in vertical columns of slim pockets for greater space savings and faster picking.

  • Slim fit for all your small slow movers

    Designed to fit your inventory and workflow.

  • Tailor-made for your inventory needs

    Not limited to pre-set standard ranges.

Innovative storage system: vertical textile pockets

Would you like to handle small, slow-moving items in a more cost-effective way?

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Tailor-made for your inventory needs

Need a tailor-made solution, designed to fit your inventory and workflow?

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Easy to deploy and use

Need a solution that fits your existing racks and workflow? 

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Short lead times. Custom fitting performed on-site and post-installation services.

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Engineered by conTeyor

Storeganizer is part of conTeyor, known in auto and transport industries for strong, reusable engineered textile packaging.

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What our customers think

Team Member 1

Derk van den Haak, Director Van den Haak TransMission, Geldermalsen

“Often, no use is made of the space above shelving and racking is too deep for safe picking. Storeganizer offers a high density solution to this challenge that’s easy to use.”

Team Member 1

Hilde De Meyer, System administrator Gates Distribution Center, Ghent

“Compared with our previous system, we save 90% of the space in square and cubic foot with the densely-packed Storeganizer columns.”

Team Member 1

Carlo Theunissen, Business Unit Manager H.Essers

“I had no clue that such an efficient system to create supplementary stock room existed, offering a fitting degree of flexibility as well. We were able to continue our business operations as usual, our employees did not need to make any adaptations. Everyone is very  pleased about it.”

  • By Fréderique Debecker
  • In Events
  • Posted 08/04/2016


Storeganizer will participate in one USA logistics exposition and one in Belgium. Its exhibit will showcase actual Storeganizer bays with columns of pockets and have various warehousing specialists available to discuss specific applications.

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